• Production Welding Modular Assemblies

    Mig - Tig - Spot - Emhart - Seam Resistance Welding.

    Metal Stamping

    Progressive - Manual - Tandem - Presses up to 1,000 Tons.

    Production CNC Machining

    CNC Milling - Prototype Machining - High Volume Machining

    Tube Bar Wire

    Cutting - Bending - Forming

    Tooing, Fixture Design & Build

    Dies - Weld Fixtures - Automated Assembly Cell - Work Centers -

    Production Cold and Band Saw Cutting

    Provide cutting services from Low to High Volumes


    Vibra - Tumbling - Wire Wheel

    Total Part Management

    Painting - Coating - Packaging - Product Design


    Multiple robotic mig weld cells

    Robotic resistance weld cells

    Manual weld cells

    Stamping presses from 80 to 1000 tons. (Large Bed Sizes)

    Resistance weld stations

    including production nut and stud weld stations

    Automated cold cut and band saws

    CNC machining centers

    Tumbler and Vibra finishing equipment

    Wire draw and cut off machines

    Fully equipped machine shop

    Hanging gun spot welders

    A manufacturing facility with 100,000+ square ft.